GBPIHED Library at a Glance


          The Library & Information Centre has been setup during the establishment of the Institute. Since the initiation, the Library has grown in size and content to take present shape in new building in front of faculty building. Library is the lifeline of any research institute. The collections of the literature concerned with the Himalayan Ecology, Environment and Development, are the specialties of this Library. It plays the major roles in accelerating the R&D works of the GBPIHED Institute. The research workers from the nearby universities, research institutions, NGOs, etc. are also being getting helps in their research works by visiting this Library. At present, the GBPIHED Library stands as a modern library with automation (using the library software package PALMS) and e-resources facilities.



The Library provides seating capacity for 100 users at a time.



          -All the regular staff of the GBPIHED.

-All the research scholars / project staffs working in various research projects at GBPIHED.



          The library serves its users from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM on all the working days of the Institute (Monday to Friday).  



The main emphasis of the Library has been on the collections of literatures on the subjects/disciplines concerned with the Himalayan Environment/Ecology, Social Science, Agriculture, Botany, Biotechnology, Geology, Geography and Applied Natural Sciences (Computer Science, GIS, Remote Sensing, Mathematics/Statistics) etc. The Library resources stand at about 16614 books and 77 scientific journals (including 36 foreign and 41 Indian) have been subscribing by the Library. Out of 16614 books, 1920 books are directly concerned with the R&D works on Himalayan region. The library collection also includes a large section of expensive reference books, back issues of journals, research reports, CD-ROM Databases etc. A number of annual reports, books, newsletters, research reports, etc. have been receiving in the library from various national and international organizations on the basis of exchange programme/gratis.



          The books are of arranged according to Dewey Decimal Classification number (21st Ed.) and each row of the racks have been labeled with the range of class numbers in the corresponding row for better/easier access by its user group.


Periodicals are arranged in alphabetical order.



Library is also equipped with the computer systems (One Server and Six Nodes) in Network Environment. The Novell Netware operating system is installed on the library server. For database management, Library is using the Network Version of the software package PALMS (Prasad Automated Library Management Systems).


The catalogues of all the collections (Books, Journals, Back Volumes, Dissertations, etc.) are available in the library database. User can access the online catalogue through any of the library computers as they are connected with LAN.



          The bibliographical data of the collection of entire books, journals, back volumes, etc., have been converted into Machine Readable form in ISO 2709 standard using PALMS. User can access the online catalogue through any of the library computers as they are connected with LAN.


          Users can search books database from main menu of PALMS i.e. from Book Database Module. OPAC has various options to search for example users can search their required books by Author, by Title, by Publishers, by Subject, by Any keyword, by Acc. Number, by ISBN Number. Similarly users can search journal database also.



The Library and Information Centre provides the links of online journals which are subscribed by the Library. Users of the library (HQ Users as well as users of unit also) can access these journals using Institute web site. Apart from these subscribe journals Library is also providing links of various online journals related to our R&D need. Examples are Open Access Journals, Free Full-Text Archive, J-Open Gate, E-Journals, EJ Library, Science Journals, Science Direct, Ingenta, Meta Press etc.



          The Library and Information Centre provides various services to its users to help their R&D works.



Simply purchasing important documents/literatures and preserving them in the library does not fulfill the objective of Library and Librarianship. The library should act as propagator or bridge between the library resources and the users. Hence, some of the following initiatives have been taken in the Library, towards creating awareness about various sources of knowledge.


New Arrivals

Library is providing list of newly added books to the users through e-mail. These books are available on the New Arrival Display Stand for some time.


Article Alert Service

Library has been subscribing to the relevant periodicals. It would be difficult for a user to scan all the journals. Hence, in order to provide pinpointed service, library provides Article Alert Service to its users through e-mail on monthly basis, which contain contents of all the subject journals, for their ready reference.



          In order to help the research scholars for fastening their research works, Library is extending Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) service to some of the research scholars on their concerned subjects.



          Library is also compiling the published research/scientific papers, popular articles and chapters in books, published by the scientists and research scholars of the Institute. Library is also compiling bibliographical details of publications of the Institute.



          Reference Service is also provided by the Library to satisfy the queries and problems of the readers and to assist them in exploring the library resources.